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Christmas is a great time of year to remember those people who serve you regularly.To keep social and business dining situations less stressful here are some etiquette quick tips: Always introduce yourself to those around you.Specifically, you should tip at sit-down restaurants and bars, porters in hotels and airports, tour guide staff and drivers, as well as gas station and bathroom attendants.However, in the U.S., you are expected to tip if you go to certain places and most people feel it is a moral obligation.Be confident that you are following proper dining etiquette with tips from FindaLink.net. Includes an explanation of place settings.

Actually, tipping is not mandatory in Indonesia, but it is like a social agreement that travelers usually do it to appreciate their hard work.You know that when the valet retrieves your car for you at the end of your dinner or other event, you should slide them a few bucks as a tip.

Tipping Etiquette for Service Providers: Who Should You Tip?

Tipping Etiquette: How Much to Tip Pizza Delivery Personnel

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If service charge is not included then service fee between 5-10% is usually considered adequate.This document covers for you the top tips for email etiquette that everyone needs to be aware of and follow.

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Most people who have worked in the service industry say tipping is always mandatory and a 20% tip should be the standard across the board.

Hair salon etiquette: How much should you tip your

Nationally recognized etiquette organization The Emily Post Institute recommends tipping between 15 and 20 percent for salon services.Leaving a tip is a common practice for certain services in the Rocky Mountains as it is throughout the rest of Canada.I mean, yes I understand that a 15-20% tip is customary at restaurants (in the US at least), but I was never too clear on some of the other protocols.

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Tip those who serve you all year long and with whom you have a personal relationship.Diane Gottsman, a national etiquette expert and founder of the Protocol School of Texas, said she advises folks to go by the standards laid out in her holiday tipping guide, if they choose to tip.Safaris are very expensive and if you cannot afford to tip the staff, they will not think badly of you.It is customary to tip approximately 15-20% on the total bill before tax, less for poor service, more for truly exceptional service.The person who delivers your pizza to you relies on tips to make a living.

Tipping Etiquette: What's The Right Thing To Do?

While tipping is not mandatory in most of the United States, it is customary in many circumstances for service, especially at almost all sit-down restaurants which offer table service and many food servers depend on tips as an essential part of their wage.

Tipping etiquette in Trinidad : Who and Who not to tip!

When it comes to tipping, the rules and etiquette lines can be grayed or be lacking for different service industries.

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From a one-time reward for exemplary service, to now an expected expense, tipping can be a tricky business.

Many customers are still uncertain how much to leave and who the money goes to.People usually think of the mechanics of eating when the word etiquette is mentioned and for good reason.

But when to tip and how much can often be a source of confusion for customers, especially in the age of on-demand delivery.It seems that these days a tip is expected, regardless of service quality.

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I recommend a gift or a tasteful Christmas card with a tip inside.I have also found myself questioning in my head, how much is correct, and should I have tipped that person.In most parts of the world, tipping is not mandatory, or even expected.Delivery should occur in the month of December prior to Christmas day.

Tipping Etiquette: Chances Are You're Not Tipping Enough

To help you figure it out, we pulled together a list of the most common.This same advice pertains to the people outside of your beautification rituals: your dog walker, your nanny, and your doorman.If you visit a business often and want to show your appreciation to the business owner, giving a quality bottle of wine or a bouquet of flowers during the holidays or every few months is acceptable in lieu of a tip.For more information, read about the finer points of tipping and holiday tipping.

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